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What is “
Four Diagnosis Methods”?

In Chinese medicine, Observation, Auscultation, Interrogation and Palpation are called as four diagnosis methods which are to collect the medical history of patients and also the ways to treat the disease. 

  • Observation: Observe patients’ spirit, forms, complexion, the traditional five human sense organs, skins, furred tongue and effluents.
  • Auscultation: Listen to patients’ conversation, their sounds of coughing and breathing and also smell bad breath and body odor of the patient.
  • Interrogation: Ask for patients their own observed symptoms, the occurrence and development of the disease, the process of the treatment and the history of the previous infected diseases.
  • Palpation: Feel the condition of pulse and touch the patients’ related sites of discomfort.


The above information is for reference only, please consult a Chinese medicine practitioner for any enquiry.