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Periodontal Disease

What is periodontal disease?
Periodontal disease is a severe gum infection that harms the bone and soft tissue which support the teeth.  The alveolar bone around the teeth gradually loses and make patients feel uncomfortable.

Bleeding, pain, redness and swelling for serious cases. If it is not handled on time, gums will shrink and results in exposing tooth roots and displacement of teeth. Late stage of periodontal disease even causes teeth loss.


 Healthy Gum:                                                   Inflamed Gum:

Healthy Gum  Inflamed Gum

Causes of Periodontal Disease:

  • Inappropriate way of brushing teeth
  • Lack of vitamin C
  • Uncoordinated hormone
  • Suffering Diabetes
  • Smoking



  • Brushing teeth properly per day and night
  • Taking in enough vitamin C
  • Using dental floss or interdental brush daily
  • Having a check on teeth regularly


  • With ultrasonic scaling machine cleaning teeth and tartar
  • Root planning which is involved to treat the infected surface of root with proper dental instruments.
  • Periodontal surgery which needs when the tissue goes on inflamed or destructed.